Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing managers oversee multiple factory sites and need to maintain precise temperature and humidity levels. MiSensors delivers real time data alerting you of a problem before it becomes a disaster. Our “set it, forget it” method allows you to have peace of mind while managing your facilities. In a factory there are several pieces of equipment that if temperature, humidity, or pressure rises, it can damage or destroy the equipment.

Data Collection & Reports

MiSensors saves you time and money by giving you the right insight needed to be proactive instead of reactive. With MiSensors historical data reports you are easily able to keep track of and meet your industry’s regulatory requirements. Building models with these records can be used to predict when certain components of a machine are likely to fail. MiSensors provides an easy-to-use dashboard to go through and view past data and reports.


Compact with a 3-axis MEMS- programmable vibration detection, MiTag can be mounted on equipment to detect abnormal operating conditions. It has precise readings with temperature accuracy of +/- 0.5 degrees and a range of -40 to 85°C, pressure accuracy of +/- 3%, with a +/- 1% hysteresis and a 300…1100 hpa range, humidity accuracy of ±3% relative humidity, with a ≤2% relative humidity hysteresis and a range of 0% – 100%. Equipped with an multi-function button to mount anywhere in your facility so workers can press it in case of emergencies. The proximity feature is used to mount on high value equipment and receive alerts when the sensor departs the operating range of the MiTag. Know exactly what is happening all throughout your factory at all times.

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