HVAC Systems

HVAC Systems

Reduce costs and save energy by only running things when they are needed. Misenors captures loads of data so you can make maintenance decisions based on accurate real-time data and past reports. This information reduces downtime in systems by giving you the insight to know when a component needs repairing before it fails. Our 8-in-1 sensor allows an easy and cost effect way to create a sensor ecosystem for all aspects of you HVAC system.

MiSensors ensures comfort in your facility while saving money and energy. With 8 different sensors in one device and customized alerts you can:

  • Mount on the side of HVAC equipment or pumps to monitor abnormal operating conditions.
  • Monitor air pressure within rooms, air ducts, and vents.
  • Improve indoor air quality by being alerted of clogged filter detection.
  • Maintain suitable temperatures throughout the building.
  • Mount anywhere in the HVAC System and provide to workers so they can press the alert button to request for help.

24/7 Monitoring

MiSensors remote monitoring system provides assurance that your facility if protected with 24/7 monitoring. Deploying our wireless sensors can save you time and money that otherwise could get wasted. From beyond your HVAC system our monitoring sensors can work for all aspects of your business or facility. Our “set it, forget it” approach allows you to deploy a MiTag multi-sensors ecosystem and have the insight you need wherever you are.

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