Food Service

Food Service

In the restaurant industry walk-ins are susceptible to food spoilage when temperatures get out of range. MiSensors sends an alert when your walk-ins are out of a temperature range, buying you valuable time to act & save product. Along with alerts, MiSensors provides historical reports making it easier to keep up with health department regulations.

Save up to 70% in Deployment Costs Compared to Competitors

Theft, Waste, Spoilage, Damage and Human Error are the leading causes of food inventory loss in the restaurant industry. Up to 10% of food purchased never reaches a customer. Refrigeration failures and improper food storage is among the leading contributors to loss of inventory. MiSensors can help reduce this cost and waste.

Food spoilage due to improper temperatures is not the only thing that can drive up your costs. Ice buildup caused by an increase of humidity can cause several issues that becomes very costly. The presence of excess water and humidity can reduce the freshness of the food. If ice continues to build up over an extended period, fan blades can become damaged when hitting the ice. As the ice buildup becomes melted, the water can get into interior components of the freezer ultimately damaging it. To maintain temperature levels, these factors will require the walk-in to work twice as hard to compete with the increase of humidity and warm air. The repairs and increase in energy will drive up your costs. MiSensors saves you time and money by preventing these issues.

Restaurants, Hotels & Cafeterias

Creating a remote monitoring ecosystem is easy with our MiTag 8-in-1 multi-sensor. There are a number of places you can mount a MiTag throughout your business to monitor all aspects of it.

  • Mount in dry goods and ingredient storage areas which are sensitive to humidity.
  • Monitor air pressure within rooms, air ducts, and vents.
  • Be alerted when a window breaks or ventilation fails.
  • Mount onto doors, walk-in refrigerators & freezers or storage lockers to detect access.
  • Mount in the bathroom to track routine cleaning

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