Facility Monitoring

Facility Monitoring

Facility Managers and Property Owners are often challenged with always being reactive to the issues that arise at their properties. Many of them become fire-drills requiring a response day or night. MiSensors “set it, forget it” monitoring solution provides valuable insight using our MiTag 8-in-1 Multi-Sensor.

Not knowing what’s happening at your facility can be very costly. Many things can potentially go wrong when you’re away. Water damage and any other gradual damage could possibly go undetected when the building is unoccupied. The goal is to spot things today that could cause problems in the future. Let our MiTag Multi-Sensor solution give you access and a deeper understanding of potential issues.

Alerts & Reports

With custom alerts and notifications you can leave your facility with confidence that you will be notified of a potential issue whenever and wherever you might be. With our simple setup and easy to use application you will quickly see the value MiSensors can provide your company. Track temperature, humidity, impact, light, pressure, proximity, open/closed door and panic button data all in one sensor. MiSensors records historical reporting so you can see when a piece of equipment might fail before it does.

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