Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Industry

Cannabis greenhouses need to be constantly monitored to ensure growth and quality. Growing in a controlled environment protects the plants from condition changes that can negatively affect the plants. However, these controlled environments are not enough to ensure precise conditions. Remote monitoring sensors are an added asset that allows you to have an inside look of your greenhouse even when you are not there. If there are any changes to your set environment, MiSensors notifies you via email or text.

The current industry standard is a different senor for each environment factor, MiSensors brings you the MiTag 8-in-1 multi-sensor solution that covers all aspects of your growing facility.

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Open/Close Contact Switch
  • Light Detection
  • Impact Detection
  • Multi-Functional Alert Button
  • Proximity

Historical Reporting

MiSensors captures mountains of data and showcases them to you for easy-to-read insight of your facilities patterns. This insight can be used to prevent future problems. Access all your data anytime to monitor current conditions, and review past information.

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