Why has my MiTag stopped checking in?

Check Status LEDs No Status LEDs Check Software for low batteryIf state looks normal - Follow directions for new MiTag Blue Light flashing Device is out of range of GatewayCheck for physical obstructionsMove MiTag Sensor closer to Gateway or move Gateway closer to sensorWhen back in range, MiTag will automatically start to check...

Why hasn’t my MiTag ever checked in?

Press red panic button for 3-5 seconds to wake:   If no Status LEDs flash Possible for dead battery Reset button (5 secs to boot) Reseat battery ยท         Recommendations, take off battery cover and tap, do not use tools (may damage hardware)

What is the temperature range of the MiTag sensor?

-20 ~ +60 deg C -4 ~ +140 deg F The operating range of the sensors will be impacted by the operating range of the CR2477 battery used, as voltage drop in lower temperatures. Replacement batteries which may be used will alter the above operating range. Consult the...