MiTag Multi-Sensor Hardware Support

MiTag Multi-Sensor Hardware Support

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MiTag Multi-Sensor Setup

Before you install your MiTag Sensors be sure to add them to your account in the MiSensors software application. Use the MiTag Mounting Bracket for a secure installation. Hold the Alarm button for 3-5 seconds to activate transmitting mode. All lights will begin to blink and then a blue light will blink once it is transmitting.

Note: A QR code and Sensor ID are located on the MiTag Labels. It will be used to add your Sensor in the MiSensors software application.

MiTag Multi-Sensor Locations Guide

MiTag Multi-Sensor Status LED Color Definitions

MiTag Status LED Patterns

Adding a MiTag Multi-Sensor into MiSensors

Frequently Asked Questions

Check Status LEDs

No Status LEDs

Check Software to see for low battery
If state looks normal – Follow directions for new MiTag

Blue Light flashing

Device is out of range of Gateway
Check for physical obstructions
Move MiTag Sensor closer to Gateway or move Gateway closer to sensor
When back in range, MiTag will automatically start to check in

If MiTag sensor is still not checking into the Software, contact support.

Press red panic button for 3-5 seconds to wake:

  1.   If no Status LEDs flash
  • Possible for dead battery
  • Reset button (5 secs to boot)
  • Reseat battery

·         Recommendations, take off battery cover and tap, do not use tools (may damage hardware)

Each MiTag produces approximately 100MB of cellular data per month reporting sensors values every 5 seconds.

The MiTag Sensor collects and sends data to our servers every 60 seconds.

Up to 100 Sensors.

-40 to 85°C, Accuracy +/- 0.5 degrees

Yes. It is IP67 rated and can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for up to 30 minutes.

Up to 300 Feet (100 Meters). The signal distance is based on the installation environment. The distance is reduced in environments exposed to interference, such as building structures, materials and radio waves.

Appropriately 2 years. They are replaceable with a Coin Cell CR2477 Battery.

Coin Cell CR2477 Batteries.

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