Frequently Asked Questions

The MiTag Multi-Sensor is a battery powered, long range Bluetooth 5.0 – IP67 8-in-1 sensor built specifically for IoT Applications. The MiTag Multi-Sensor packs in more than just an IP67 Temperature Sensor, it also includes Humidity, Pressure, Open/Closed Contact Switch, Light & Motion/Impact Detection, and a Multi-Functional Alert Button with BLE beaconing capabilities.
Absolutely.  We offer a reseller program, an affiliate marketing program as well as a developers program to support business who have interest adopting the MiSensors solutions into their portfolio. For more information, please email: sales@misensors.com.

You can pick up a MiSensors Starter Kit right here on our very own SHOP or you can contact one of our many reseller partners or distributors. If you are looking to enhance your business offerings by becoming a reseller or would like to develop your very own software application using the MiTag or Sensor data, you can learn more about our Web Services API by contacting sales@misensors.com.

Simple - we are up to 70% less in cost, capture the same data and perform the same alerting and reporting as the competition.  Our platform is developed on the latest cloud-based IoT platform architecture. So, ask yourself: Why is the competition so much more expensive?
Yes, we have made it as simple as possible. We include a 1 Year FREE (up to 6 sensors) Annual Subscription with your first purchase of a MiTag Starter Kit. Then, when you set up your online account you will be asked to provide a credit card. This credit card will be used on all future upgrade or annual subscription transactions. Why annual? Because we want you to enjoy your 1st year for FREE and keep the number of transactions minimal.

If you are in need of a low cost, easy to deploy, IP67 rated sensor - then, Yes. Our MiTag Ethernet Gateway Starter Kit is EXACTLY what you need. If you can't be standing over your equipment or environment that needs to be monitored - then, YES. MiSensors is EXACTLY what you need. If you are tired of high cost solutions, then YES. You get the picture.

MiSensors is not for everyone, we know that - but, for 99% of businesses looking to deploy sensors, we are confident you will enjoy our "Set It, Forget It" approach and keep you informed when you want to be informed.

MiSensors is a cloud-based sensor management platform with a web & mobile front end user application. The software can be used by any business looking to deploy our MiTag, cost-savings 8-in-1 Multi-Sensor. The software is sold via an annual license, priced based on the number of sensors in their user account.  Admin Account holders can invite others to share sensor information, create alert rules which define SMS and EMAIL notifications as well as generate historical sensor data reports.